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Why does the gift product not show as free in the cart?

Note: All the screenshots attached in this doc are from Monk’s internal demo store

The app's Free Gift funnel works in such a way that a 100% discount is applied to the gift products ~ ideally the gift product should show at a price ‘0’ representing this 100% discount both at the cart step and at checkout.

As shown in the example screenshot below - product Bracelet is the gift product here, the product price should show as ‘0’ at the cart step as well as checkout

The gift product should show its price as '0' in the cart drawer/cart page
The subtotal should show the gift price deducted as well

The gift product should also display as ‘Free’ at checkout, as shown in the screenshot below:

Although, for some stores, the gift product might not show as free at the cart/checkout steps as intended because
there is a visual element in the theme that is overriding Monk’s display and not letting the app update the price
there is some other app that is interfering with Monk's code and not letting it apply a 100% discount
there is custom code in the theme's cart/checkout steps that is not letting Monk's code execute as expected

All of the above issues require Monk's customer support team to take a look and deploy a quick one-time fix for your store. Hence if you're facing any of the above issues or if the Free Gift funnel is not working as intended on your store - please reach out to our customer support team via live chat or write to us at and we'll take a look and deploy a fix right away.

Updated on: 25/09/2023