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How to set-up a Free Gift offer with a zero-priced product?

Monk's free gift feature works by applying a 100% discount on the gift product(s) and then passing it to Shopify on checkout button click. But if you have any other app that's also applying an additional discount to the products in cart (eg. subscription apps, bundle apps etc) or if you have specific native Shopify automatic discounts setup then the two discounts will clash and one will override the other creating a broken user experience. This can lead to a rise in cart abandonments.

The way to solve this is by creating a duplicate product of the gift that you intend to offer and price it at 0 value. That way Monk won't apply any additional discounts and the other discounts setup on your store will work seamlessly without any interference. This doc is a guide on how to set-up this 0 priced gift product whilst ensuring that no one is able to game the system

In order to help you better understand the document, examples from our internal demo store have been outlined throughout.

Duplicate the gift product

Click on Duplicate to create a copy of the product you wish to offer as a gift.

Set the price of this duplicate as 0 (Eg. USD 0)

Ensure that this copy product is in the 'Online Store' sales channel and is in the 'Active' status.

Sync products

Monk does an automatic sync of the store's products and data every 6-12 hrs, but to ensure that this new copy product is reflected immediately inside the app you will have to do a manual sync by clicking on 'Sync Now' button at the bottom of the Funnels tab.

Wait a few seconds for the 'Sync Complete' pop up message to ensure that the products are synced.

Edit funnel settings

Go to your Free Gift funnel and on Page 2 of the setup:

Add the duplicated gift product priced at 0, under 'Products'

Under 'Advance Configuration' ensure that the option to Auto-remove gift from cart for ineligible offers is checked : This setting will automatically remove the free gift product from cart, when the eligibility rules for this offer are not fulfilled.
Under 'Auto Add and removal of Gift from cart', ensure that the option Customers can add more than the permitted quantity of gift products to cart and buy them at full price is unchecked : This setting will restrict the buyers from purchasing the gift product and adding the extra quantity of the gift product to cart.
Click on Activate Funnel to enable the funnel to show on the website.

Once you've made the changes to the funnel, it's important to hide the product from your Shopify store such that no customer us able to game the system and try to avail multiple units of this product.

Remove add to cart button

After you have completed the above mentioned steps, we'll need to hide the add to cart button on the pdp of the zero priced product to ensure no one is able to add it to their cart directly.
Attached is a quick 3 minute tutorial on how this can be done.

Remove product from collections

Make sure that the zero priced gift product is not a part of any collections


Remove product from search

To remove the zero priced product from search add the word 'gift' in the product name and then embed this piece of code in your relevant theme/liquid code:
{% if item.template_suffix == "gift" %} {% continue %} {% endif %}

Once this is set-up do run an end to end test by placing a sample order, if you face any issues or have any questions - you can write to us at

Updated on: 10/11/2023