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How to set-up a free gift discount code offer? (Non Shopify Plus)

This doc is a guide on how to use Monk to trigger a gift with purchase offer when a buyer enters specific discount codes. You can distribute these codes via SMS/email as well as influencer/ad campaigns. The free gift can either be automatically added (Free Gift - Auto Add) or you can ask your buyers to choose from a specific set of products/variants (Free Gift - Selection) when they enter the discount code.

For stores not on Shopify Plus the app will embed a discount code widget in the cart step right above the 'checkout' button where a buyer is supposed to enter their gift discount code. The offer won't work if the code is added in the discount code widget at the checkout step due to a Shopify limitation (apps like Monk can only add or remove products at the checkout step if the store is on Shopify Plus, for stores on other plans this can only be done at the cart step).

This doc is relevant only for merchants NOT on Shopify Plus.

Here is an example of a code 'HAPPY10' being used to automatically add the 'keychain' product at the cart:

Here are a couple of 20 sec video walkthroughs of what the ideal customer journey would look like

Free Gift - Auto Add:

Free Gift - Selection:

How to set it up?

Click on 'Create New Funnel' and choose either 'Free Gift - Auto Add' or 'Free Gift - Selection'

On Step 1 of the funnel setup, choose the 'specific discount code' eligibility rule and add all the codes that should trigger this offer. You can enter multiple discount codes in the eligibility rule with comma (,) separator. This will save you the trouble of creating multiple funnels with different discount codes.

This can also be combined with other eligibility rules like 'cart value range', 'specific collections' etc.

Note: You do not need to create these codes in your Shopify backend, Monk will automatically apply the discount for you.

Then you can move onto Step 2 of the funnel setup to choose the specific product that you wish to offer as the gift. Alter all the settings on Step 2 as per the theme you're using and the customer experience you desire and click 'Activate Funnel'

Once the funnel is activated, the app shall automatically display a discount code widget on the cart step whenever a customer is eligible. To customize the design and text of this widget please reach out to customer support team via live chat or email ( and we'll do it for you.

Will this feature work if I add more eligibility rules in the funnel set up?

Yes, the feature will work if you have more than 1 eligibility rules in your funnel set up.


Let’s assume you want to give buyers an option to choose a free gift at the cart when the cart value is greater than $100 and they have entered a specific discount code.
In this case, the discount code widget will appear after they have crossed $100 cart value. Then, they can enter their gift discount code and will get an option to choose their free gift in the cart itself. Customers with cart value < $100 will not see the discount code widget.

How does these discount codes work with other Shopify discount codes?

The discounts created within Monk are configured to automatically combine with any other available Shopify discounts by default. Once your customers have applied the Monk discount at the cart step, they can apply the discount code created via Shopify on the checkout step. To ensure that discounts created in Shopify are applied in conjunction with the Monk discount code, you have to set it to combine with other product discounts in your Shopify discount settings

What happens if I apply the free gift discount code at checkout?

The system will display an error message indicating that the discount code is not valid. This issue arises because apps like Monk cannot add or remove products at the checkout step for non-Shopify Plus stores.

Is there a way to auto apply the discount code?

If you wish for the discount code to be auto-applied instead of having your buyers manually add it in - you can create a specific URL and add it your SMS/email campaigns. Only customers coming from this specific URL will then be eligible for the gift with purchase offer.

Here's how you can set this up -

Why is the discount code widget not visible on the cart step?

The discount code widget should appear above the checkout button on the cart step but if it is not visible, it might be a minor theme compatibility issue. This issue commonly occurs when the theme's display settings override those of the app. To fix this, please reach out to our team via live chat or email and we'll get it fixed right away.

How to measure the number of times a discount code has been used?

You cau can check the number of times the discount code has been used on your funnel dashboard under ‘Items Bought’. This section will show the number of gifts that were availed by your buyers using the discount code. So if each customer gets only 1 gift, the number of 'items bought' will be equal to the number of times the code was used. For advanced analytics you can always reach out to our team and we'll do our best to share data with you.

If you have any other questions or queries please reach out to us via chat support or write to us at

Updated on: 14/03/2024