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Generate a website url/link that auto-adds a free gift to cart

This document is a guide on how you can create website links that can auto-apply discount codes to give a free gift to eligible customers. These links can be added to your email/SMS or influencer marketing campaigns etc

Step 1: Create your Free Gift funnel

Go to the Monk app dashboard and click on Create New Funnel.
Select Free Gift
Under Eligibility Rules, select Show offer for specific discount codes and enter discount codes (separated by comma) that you wish to be auto applied when a customer is eligibile for the gift with purchase.

Make all the necessary selection to your funnel setup and click on Save & Activate.

Follow the steps mentioned below to generate a custom store link that auto adds the discount code:

Take your online store's url (e.g. and add the following extension at the end: /?mrFdc=
Append the discount code created in Step 1 above after the extension. For example, if the discount code is FREEBIE the final format should look like this:

Store link: (you can either use your live store url or your myshopify url)
Extension and discount code: ?mrFdc=FREEBIE
Final URL =

If a customer visits the site using the above url, the discount code will be auto-applied, making them eligible to avail the free gift without them manually entering the code anywhere.

Please note that the provided examples and URLs are for illustrative purposes, and you should replace them with your actual store link and discount code.

If you face any issues or have any questions please reach out to us at or via live chat, we'll be happy to assist

Updated on: 23/06/2023