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What happens in case of overlap of funnels? How is priority order of funnels decided?

With Monk you can set-up different kinds of funnels based on various parameters like trigger product/collection, product or cart page, type of offer etc - hence there is a possibility that sometimes two or more funnels might overlap on the same trigger product/collection.

Overlap is caused when 2 or more funnels have the exact same Offer Type, Display Type, Display Page & are set to trigger on the same range of trigger products/collections or cart values. In such cases, the funnel with the lower number # id will take priority and only that funnel & it's widget/popup will be visible to your customers.
This means that if funnels #2, #3 and #5 have the same Offer Type, Display Type and Display Page & overlap on 1 particular product - only the offer from funnel #2 will show up. This is done to ensure your buyers have a seamless and uninterrupted user experience without too many popups or widgets hampering their buying journey.


Let's assume you're selling a pair of shoes and you create 5 funnels inside the app:
Funnel 1 - cart cross sell widget that displays inside your theme's native cart page/drawer when the buyer clicks on 'add to cart' - offering 25% discount on a pair of socks
Funnel 2 - cart cross sell widget that displays inside your theme's native cart page/drawer when the buyer clicks on 'add to cart' - offering 50% discount on shoe polish
Funnel 3 - product page cross sell widget above the 'add to cart' button - offering 50% discount on a pair of socks
Funnel 4 - post checkout in-page offer - offering 50% discount to buy another pair of the same shoe in a different color and size
Funnel 5 - cart progress bar funnel that displays a progress bar on the theme's native cart page/drawer - offering buyers free shipping at $100 cart value

In this configuration - there is a clear overlap between funnels #1 & #2 as they share the same Offer Type (cross sell), Display Type (in-page embedded) & the same Display Page (cart page) - hence only funnel #1 will be visible to your buyers and funnel #2 will be skipped entirely. Funnel #3 & #4 & #5 will work and show their respective offers as intended.

How to change priority order of funnels?

Let's assume that you would like funnel #2 to be given higher priority than funnel #1. You can accomplish this by doing the following:

Place your cursor above the 6 dot icon on the left hand side of your funnel ID of funnel #2 and drag and drop it above funnel above #1.

If face any issues, feel free to write to us at or reach out via in-app chat & we'll do our best to help

Updated on: 24/07/2023