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How to A/B test Monk?

This document is a guide on how you can A/B test Monk on your store. A/B testing the app would require 2 identical themes where everything is the same except the app. On theme A the app shall be enabled and on theme B the app shall be disabled. You would also need a tool that can help you run this A/B test to periodically switch between themes (we recommend Google Optimize, Theme Scientist app, VWO or

Duplicate your current theme: Go to your Shopify dashboard and navigate to Online Store > Themes. Click on the three dots of your current theme and select 'Duplicate'. This will create a copy of your current theme.

Enable Monk on the duplicate theme: Click on 'Customize' on the duplicate theme and navigate to the theme editor. In the theme editor, click on 'App Embeds' in the left hand side column and enable Monk app.

Disable Monk on the original theme: In the theme editor of your original theme, click on 'App Embeds' in the left hand side column and disable Monk app.

Install A/B testing tool: Use an A/B testing tool of your choice. Some popular options are Theme Scientist (available on the Shopify App Store), Google Optimize, VWO, and These tools will allow you to set-up an A/B test which periodically switches between the two duplicate themes setup in the above steps and track key metrics like conversion rate, average order value etc

Create an A/B test: In the A/B testing tool, create an experiment and select the original theme as 'A' and the duplicate theme with Monk enabled as 'B'. You can set different variations of each theme and test different aspects of your store's user experience.

Launch the test: Once you have created the test, launch it and let it run for a predetermined amount of time.

Analyze the results: Once the test is complete, analyze the data to see which version of your theme performed better across key metrics. If you face any issues with Monk on your theme or in the results reach out to us via chat or email support and we can help debug.

One limitation of A/B testing with this approach is that you can run the test only an app level and not on an offer/funnel level. This methodology will not work if you wish to A/B test 2 different offers or funnels within the app. Although, we are in the works of building an internal A/B testing feature to help you do this and it should be live by Oct 2023.

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to us via chat support or write to us at!

Updated on: 11/05/2023