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How to setup tiered discounts based on cart value or number of items in cart?

This is a guide on how you can set-up tiered discounts based on cart value/number of items in cart using Monk. We'll be using the 'Cart Value Progress Bar' offer type for this.

Buy products worth $150 and get 20% off, buy worth $300 and get 30% off
Buy 3 products from collection X and get 10% off, Buy 5 products from collection X and get 15% off

The Cart Value Progress Bar funnel embeds a gamified progress bar in your theme's cart which will be used to communicate to your customers that they are eligible for a specific quantity discount and the code they can use to avail it - this is an example of what it will look like live on site (you can customize the colours, fonts and design of it to suit your theme and brand language):

Step 1: Decide the specific products/collections that need to be included in the tiered discounts

In the funnel setup, on Page 1 - select the products and/or collections that are eligible for this offer

If you wish to give this offer on all your products storewide you'll have to first create an 'all' collection of these products. This can be done by following these steps:

In the Shopify admin panel, locate and click on the 'Products' tab in the left-hand sidebar
From the dropdown menu, select 'Collections'
On the Collections page, click the 'Create collection' button.
Enter title for your collection
Select the collection type 'Automatic'
Under conditions, select ‘Price’ and set it to be greater than 0.

Step 2: Create an 'Amount off products' discount code

In the Shopify admin panel, locate and click on the 'Discounts' tab in the left-hand sidebar
On the Discounts page, click the 'Create discount' button
Select the discount type 'Amount off products'
Set your method to 'Discount Code' and create a code of your choice. For eg: OFFER15 to give 15% discount

Type in the fixed amount discount or percentage of discount you want to give on this particular collection
Choose to apply your code only on certain collections/products as decided in Step 1 above

Set your 'Minimum purchase requirements' as cart value or number of item in cart.

Set the offer to be combined with other product discounts

Click on ‘Save’ on the top right corner of your screen, to save the discount code you created.

Step 3: Edit your Progress Bar funnel

In the Monk app dashboard, go to the Funnels tab
Edit the Progress Bar funnel, by clicking on 'Actions' and Selecting the ‘Edit’ option from the drop-down menu.
On Page 2 of the settings, create a milestone on a cart value or item count, on which you would like to offer this discount.
Select 'Custom Reward' from the rewards option.

On the same page, Under Content you can add in the text for this reward.

Under Reward Text, add the relevant text to be displayed in the title of the widget once they've crossed that specific milestone
Eg. You are eligible for 15% OFF, use OFFER15 at checkout

Now click on 'Activate Funnel' on the right hand side of your screen and preview it on your live site in a new window. We suggest running an end to end test by placing a test order to ensure everything is working as expected on your store.

Your buyers will be able to apply this discount code at the checkout step and avail the discount as per the conditions you've setup in your Shopify discount section, do reach out to us via live chat or write to us at if you have any questions, suggestions or issues, we'd be happy to help

Updated on: 10/11/2023