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Does Monk work with discount codes? (installed before 13th June 2023)

This doc is only relevant if you added Monk to your store before 13th June 2023

Due to some inherent Shopify restrictions, stacking of upsell/cross sell/free gift discounts (app discounts) with code discounts (on checkout) is not possible. This creates a broken user experience for customers who have a discount code handy and wish to make use of it. Especially if these are customers who got their discount code from an abandoned cart email/SMS flow or got it for a positive action like leaving a review. The broken user experience leads to a poor brand experience which is undesirable.

Hence, at Monk we've successfully built a workaround for this that collects the discount code on the cart step itself and stacks the app discount and code discount together on checkout.

You can customize the colors and text of the discount code widget to match your theme's design. Attached below are screenshots of what it looks like on desktop as well as mobile.

To enable this discount code compatibility for your store - please reach out to us via chat or email support and share 2-3 of your most commonly used codes. We shall take a quick look at your store & enable it manually from our backend.

Will this widget show if the customer does not add anything from a Monk funnel to cart?
No. In that case the customer will be able to add a discount code on checkout page in the usual way. The discount code widget will show at the cart only when an additional discount via the app is being applied to a product or order.

What happens if I don't give any app discounts in the funnels setup via Monk?
The widget will not be displayed. There will be no change in the user flow & they'll be able to apply the discount codes on the checkout page.

How do the app discount & code discount work together?

The discounts are applied/stacked in a sequential fashion - first the app discounts are applied on the product being offered followed by the application of the code discount on the final cart value. We follow Shopify's convention of first applying all app discounts together on the respective products and then apply the code discount based on it's conditions.


Let's assume you want to show an offer of 20% discount on shoe polish whenever someone adds a pair of shoes to cart using Monk. Also let's assume your customer has a CODE10 discount coupon that applied a 10% discount on the final cart value.
Price of shoe: $10
Price of shoe polish: $3

First the 20% app discount will be applied on the shoe polish making it worth $2.4.
Adding up the total cart value to be $10+$2.4 = $12.4
Now your customer uses CODE10 - this code discount will be applied on the cart value post the app discount i.e. 10% of $12.4. 
This will bring the final value to $11.16 ($12.4 - (10% of $12.4))

Is Monk compatible with automatic discounts set-up inside Shopify?
Yes, the app discounts and Shopify automatic discounts will both get applied together wherever eligible.

Is Monk compatible with discounts generated from other apps like Review and Loyalty apps (Yotpo, Okendo, Smile etc) Klaviyo, influencer/affiliate apps?
That depends on the specific kinds of discount codes being generated by that other app. Do let us know if you use such codes & we'll take a look to see if it's compatible with Monk or not.

Is Monk compatible with discount codes that target only specific customers?
No. Since we do not collect any of your customer's data (due to privacy concerns) - Monk will not work with discount codes that are intended to target specific customers or groups of customers. If you wish to use these kind of discount codes but also wish to show your customers upsell/cross sell offers using the app - do so by setting up upsell/cross sell funnels that have no discount.

Is Monk compatible with all types of discount codes?
Monk does not work with 'Buy X get Y' type of codes & 'Free Shipping' codes that target selected countries or have an amount cap. If you wish to use these kind of discount codes but also wish to show your customers upsell/cross sell offers using the app - do so by setting up upsell/cross sell funnels that have no additional app discounts.

If you have any other questions or queries please reach out to us via chat support or write to us at

Updated on: 23/06/2023