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How to offer a product as a free gift as well as sell it at full price?

When should the steps outlined in this doc be followed? If BOTH conditions are not true, you can ignore this document

If you have more than one free gift funnels active on the store or If you offer additional discounts in other funnels setup via Monk
If the product that is set as a gift is also sold at full price on your store

What happens if you DON’T follow the steps in this document?

If the customer is NOT eligible for the gift offer then they also won’t be able to buy the product at full price.
Sometimes a customers might get the free item, even though they haven't met the eligibility rules.

Steps to setup the offer:

Duplicate the gift products:

Go to your Shopify admin panel > Products, Click on Duplicate on the product information page of the product you want to offer as a Free Gift.

Sync products:

Monk runs an auto-sync in the back end every 6-12 hours, click on the ‘Sync Now’ button that is at the bottom of your Funnels tab inside the app to manually sync the latest product details to the app and wait 10-15 to ensure that the sync is complete.

Add the duplicated gift product to the funnel:

On Page 2 of your Free Gift funnel setup, add the duplicated product under, ‘Offer Products’

Ensure auto-remove setting is enabled:

On Page 2 of the funnel set up, 'Enable' the auto-remove setting.

If you have any questions or face any issues please reach out to us via live chat or write to us at
Gifting as an offer can have several different cases and ways to execute, you can let us know of the exact set-up you have in mind and we'd be happy to assist you in getting it up and running as intended

Updated on: 27/07/2023